Art by Rainbow Face Painting
Rainbow Faces by Helen
Face Painting - Balloon Twisting - Airbrush Tattoos - Henna 

Why Choose Rainbow Face Painting?

Professional quality, award winning Sydney-based face painting - when you are after only the very best of Face and Body Art for all occasions.  Make your parties, corporate promotion or celebration, private, public or community event stand out from the crowd. For corporate events I am able to supply a team of quality artists.  Win that best dressed competition! Get that memorable office photo that will sit on the noticeboard for years!

All the kids face paints on the Gallery Page were painted at real corporate events and birthday parties and this is the quality of face paint each and every child will be receiving!  For corporate events rest assured all my artists are experienced and talented professionals, who regular attend training days and workshops with some of the best face painters in the world - keeping  up to date with the newest trends and techniques and products.  They are so experienced they can simply create on the spot to every request.

Isn't it just face painting?

I am often asked if I can just do something basic to get through the line quicker? Clients take a look at my designs and assume they must take a long time to do - after all they are so detailed, but they are surprised to learn that is not at all the case, my butterflies and animal face designs take just 2-3 minutes each. Yes I can even simplify and restrict the selections and can offer some quicker designs that take just 1-2 minutes each if we really need to do that ... and they'll still look amazing.  

Not just face painting,  it's face art!

Face painting is more than just a few quick dots or stripes, it is a rare opportunity for children to exercise choice and personal expression and it is a pampering experience.  It's not itchy or ticklish ... truth be told high quality top of the range face paints are light to wear and the specialised brushes and sponges are very relaxing and soft  - it feels like a massage or a gentle facial! From the moment their turn comes until they look in the mirror and smile at themselves my customers enjoy their own special turn in the spotlight.  It's not just about the end result, the process is part of the experience too and we love what we do and bringing that bit of magic to kids of all ages.

So sit back and enjoy the smiles as Rainbow Faces surprise your guests big and small, delighting and transforming them with our face art skills.

Would you like a quote to provide talented artists for your events?

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